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Hear What Some of Our Clients are Saying

One good yardstick of good service is to look at Testimonials from past clients as a gauge. Here are just a few we have to display, with more to follow in the near future.

Our client feedback explains why they have chosen Torchlight as their Tax and Financial Advisors. Hear what our clients are saying.

"My books were a mess. Jaimie fixed them. Then she trained my secretary to do them right! I was very happy with the competence and the friendly service." RM

"I was afraid to file my taxes as I was three years behind. I did not want to "raise any red flags" with the IRS. Then I got a letter from the IRS to my correct address, asking if had an address changed. I freaked. Then I saw Dave. I had missing W-2s and 1099s. I did not know what to do. Dave was very kind, gentle, and insistent. He got my transcripts from the IRS. Turns out I had not filed for six years. It seems I had edited my memory as far as the IRS was concerned. Dave systematically did each year, starting with the first year I had not filed. He worked with me and made sure I found every expense and deduction. He was very careful. The result was not as bad as I expected. I even got a refund for one year. In the end, I had to pay. But it was a lot less than I had feared. I recommend Dave highly. He was a true friend in my time of need." LM

"My son had not filed his taxes and I decided to bail him out. I took his tax documents to Dave, knowing that I would have to pay some thousands of dollars in tax, as my son was in a bind. My son was also very insistent that he needed to file separately from his wife, and I emphatically relayed this to Dave. Then Dave was on the phone to my son, getting my grandson's social security number. Dave casually mentioned that "we usually do married filing jointly versus married filing separately, just to see what the difference is. I understand you are filing separately." My son was fine on that. Then Dave called and told him a joint filing would save $5,000 tax. Needless to say, my son went for it. I did not have to pay anything to the IRS, and my son gets a refund. Thanks Dave. We will be back next year." BK

"Not only did Dave give me excellent service, but he went the extra mile to help me." PD

"Dave was very astute and explained how I could save a lot of tax money. Much appreciated." RM

"Dave was very kind but persistent. He made me get the data needed for my corporate return and my back returns. He got everything in order and insisted I do it right. In the end, it cost me a lot less in tax then I had expected. And now I can get a mortgage loan and buy a house!" LJ

"Dave was knowledgeable and knew all the right questions. Doing my taxes was easier and less painful then I expected." AB

"I got a letter from the IRS correcting my 2013 return. I did not understand it and was not sure how to fix my return. It was only $200 more, but I was worried. I took it to Dave. He found the mistake the IRS had found and told me how he would correct it. It made sense. He then reviewed the rest of my return, found another error, filed an amended return, and I get a $5,000 refund on 2013. Then he reviewed 2014 and did an amended return, and I get another big refund. Dave is now my "go to" tax guy." PM

"I am retired and had agreed to an installment agreement with the IRS. I realized I could not pay it. I sent to Dave. He represented me before the IRS. I am getting uncollectible status. It relieved a lot of stress." TW

Your story can be the next one that is featured right here. Give us the opportunity to service you in this area and see what we can do for you." Hopeful

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